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Using the vLetter Handwriter

This is a description of the features in the vLetter Handwriter application.

Signature button: This inserts a signature in a document, for fonts that contain a personal signature.

Plain Text button: This button converts highlighted handwriting back to plain text, using the font specified as the Plain Text Font.

Convert to Handwriting button: This button converts highlighted plain text into handwriting, using the font specified as the Handwriting Style.

Make Graphic button: This button creates a graphic image from the highlighted text, so you can send the image via email, or use the image for other projects.

Handwriting Style: This is a list of the vLetter handwriting fonts installed

(connected cursive fonts).

vLetter Handwriter for MacHandwriting Size: This sets the size of the handwriting font when converting text to handwriting.

Note: Signatures will usually be displayed at a larger size, depending on how much larger the signature is compared to the rest of the handwriting in the font.

Plain Text Font: This is a list of all other fonts installed (non-vLetter handwriting fonts).

Plain Text Size: This sets the size of the plain text font when converting handwriting back to plain text.

Signature Parts: Most signatures are divided into four parts during processing. This often makes it possible to use just the first name of the signature, just the last name, leave out the middle name, etc. Simply check the desired parts, then click the Signature button.

Randomness: To make handwritten text look more natural, words can be moved above or below the baseline by random amounts. Moving the slider all the way to the left results in no randomness, and moving the slider all the way to the right results in maximum randomness. This feature uses RTF (Rich Text Format) tags. Word processing applications which don’t support RTF will not respond to this feature. If this feature is problematic with a particular application, simply set the slider all the way to the left (no randomness).

NOTE: The Randomness feature should not be used with the Connect fonts in the Schoolhouse Fonts sets when creating worksheets, as this is not helpful to students.