Schoolhouse Fonts Support - Printing the Fonts

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The following instructions address issues related to printing
with Schoolhouse Fonts.

NOTE: Be sure your printer has the latest printer driver installed.

What kind of printer should I use?

– We cannot recommend any specific brand or model of printer.
– Make sure you are using a printer that is compatible with OpenType or TrueType fonts. Older PostScript printers may not be able to handle OpenType or TrueType fonts. Check with your printer manufacturer for the latest drivers.

Are there any printers I should not use?

A few customers have reported that the HP P1005, P1006 and P1505 model laser printers do not print the connected fonts correctly. We recommend using a different printer, or printing to an ink jet printer and then making photocopies.

What font size should I use?

– Children write at larger sizes when first learning to write, so the fonts on the page (and any blank lines you create) should be at 60 – 72 points in size.
– Older students who are mastering connected cursive are better able to write at smaller sizes, but still write larger than regular text, so try not to go smaller than 30 points.