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The following instructions address issues related to installing

the Schoolhouse Fonts 5.x software for Windows.

Installation Basics:

1. You must be logged in with Administrative privileges to install any software in Windows 2000 or later.

2. Be sure to turn off all other programs before installing — they can interfere with installation (especially anti-virus or anti-spyware programs).

3. Download installation: SAVE the file to your hard drive first, then run it from the hard drive. Save the file to your Desktop, My Documents or My Downloads.

4. Windows Vista–7 install method: if double-clicking does not work, then right-click the install file, and choose “Run as administrator.”

Do I need special privileges to install the software?

Yes. You need to have “administrative” privileges on your computer to install any software. Most home users are the “administrator” for the computer. If you are installing at a work location, and software is normally installed by a computer tech, you will need to have a computer tech install the software for you (check with your school’s or company’s policy before buying or installing any software at your work location).

What kind of configuration does my computer need to install the software?

Schoolhouse Fonts 5.x works best with a standard Windows XP–7 operating system.

Can I install or run the software over a network?

No. The software license needs to be accepted on the local machine, and the conversion utilities we provide use the local machine’s Windows Clipboard.

How do I install the software from a CD?

1. Close all open applications.

2. Insert your CD into your CD drive. NOTE: To view the contents of your CD, go to your desktop and double-click the My Computer icon, then double-click the CD.

3. Now find the installation file (e.g. SchoolhouseZBv5.exe). This file installs everything.

Windows XP: Double-click the install file to run it.

Windows Vista–7: Right-click the install file and choose “Run as administrator.”

4. Choose “Accept” to begin the installation, or “Cancel” to Quit.

5. Choose “Install” and “OK” to finish installation. Then Restart your computer.

How do I install the software from a download?

1. Download the .EXE file from the Order Confirmation page or from an e-mail and SAVE it to your hard drive. Do not attempt to run the file over an internet connection. Save it to a location where you can easily find it (like the Desktop, My Documents or My Downloads).

2. Close all open applications.

3. Now find the installation file (e.g. SchoolhouseDNv5.exe). This file installs everything.

Windows XP: Double-click the install file to run it.

Windows Vista–7: Right-click the install file and choose “Run as administrator.”

4. Choose “Accept” to begin the installation, or “Cancel” to Quit.

5. Choose “Install” and “OK” to finish installation. Then Restart your computer.

NOTE: This download file is what you should burn onto a CD-R as a backup, or find another way to make a backup copy, in case your computer crashes or you should get a different computer. Replacement copies of current version Schoolhouse Fonts sets are available for free via e-mail. If you need a previous version replaced, you can obtain the current version at upgrade price.

The install file will not run, or hangs up for a long time. What can I do?

– The installer usually runs on the first try, but if it does not, keep trying. Some users with Dell computers have reported this problem, but the software eventually installs after several tries.

– You can also try booting the computer into Safe Mode, then installing the software. Safe Mode loads only the minimal elements that Windows needs to run, so that other programs cannot interfere with installation. Once you install the software, let the computer reboot normally.

To start in Safe Mode: Restart your computer, and immediately press F8 before the Windows logo appears. When you see a list of startup options, choose Safe Mode (use your arrow key), or Safe Mode with Networking if you need to use a network logon for Windows. When Windows is booted into Safe Mode, you should see the words “Safe Mode” on the desktop wallpaper.

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

– Yes, however, the software license doesn’t allow you to use it simultaneously on more than one computer. For example, you and a colleague are not allowed to be using it at the same time on 2 different computers, but you both may use it at different times on the different computers.

– If you need to use the software on more than one computer simultaneously, you can purchase a 2nd system license, or a site license (for 5 or more computers). Contact us for more information and pricing.

My computer hangs up during installation. What’s wrong?

Some computers have security or anti-virus programs that run in the background and interfere with installation (particularly Dell computers). You should be able to install the software in Safe Mode.

1. Close the installer, and restart your computer. While you can still see the initial DOS screen, hold down the F8 key until you see a text menu of startup options.

2. Choose to start in Safe Mode, or in Safe Mode with Networking if you need to sign in with a user name and password.

3. Once the computer has completely loaded into Safe Mode (you should see a “Safe Mode” graphic as the background), locate the download or the CD, and follow the installation steps above.

4. Once installation is complete, restart the computer again and let it start up normally.

OK, it’s installed. How do I start using it?

– Go to Start > Programs > Schoolhouse Fonts and choose the Schoolhouse Fonts Read Me.pdf file. Read it onscreen, or print it out. The Read Me file explains how to use the fonts!

Where are the Schoolhouse Fonts files stored?

– The main programs and documents are all stored in C:Program FilesvLetter.

– To see where they were distributed during installation read the “To Remove Installed Files” section of the Read Me file (Start > Programs > Schoolhouse Fonts).

I can’t find all the the files mentioned in the C:Program FilesvLetter location.

– In some folders, certain files are not visible unless you change the settings. Go to Tools > Folder Options, then click the View tab. Under Advanced Settings, go to “Files and Folders,” then to “Hidden Files and Folders,” then select the option to “Show hidden files and folders.” Then click OK.

Can I custom install this on a different drive other than the C: drive?

It is best to install the software to the C: drive, especially if Microsoft Office is also installed on the C: drive. If you attempt to install on another drive, the installer will not be able to find Microsoft Office in order to install the vLetter Toolbar for Word.