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Welcome to the Support pages. Here you will find the answers to most of your questions. While we do provide instructions about using vLetter software and fonts, we do not provide basic computer help or tutorials for using these fonts with other non-vLetter programs. See Minimum Skills Needed below.

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Version 6.x Fonts

Version 5.x for Windows

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5.x for Mac OS X

Previous Version
4.x for Windows

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Versions 3.x and earlier (or for Mac OS 9) are no longer supported.


You need to know how to use Windows or Macintosh computers, Microsoft Office, email applications, web browsers, other programs you own (such as Adobe or Quark), your CD burner (if you have one), and your printer. You should also know how to manage your files. Please contact the companies that made these programs and products for help with using them. If you are new to using computers, check with your local community college or community education organization for classes on learning to use your computer and the different programs.

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