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vLetter, Inc. today announced new, easy-to-use connected cursive fonts for teaching handwriting.

vLetter, Inc. has added to their popular Schoolhouse Fonts and now employ OpenType technology, which eliminates the need for any added utilities – letters instantly connect as they are typed!

Hood River, OR, November 1, 2010: vLetter, Inc. today announced important improvements to their patented Schoolhouse Fonts family. Schoolhouse Fonts are designed for teachers and parents to create custom handwriting practice worksheets for children. These custom worksheets can be quickly and inexpensively created and allow handwriting to be easily integrated into other lessons.

vLetter is the first to use the advanced features of OpenType technology to make it easier to teach handwriting. Schoolhouse Fonts font packages are used in schools across the U.S. and in Europe, and are also used by parents to help children learn to write. vLetter offers two sets that match the most common styles used to teach handwriting in schools: Zaner-Bloser® and D’Nealian®.


* Schoolhouse Fonts are now even easier to use – no highlighting of text and applying the font. Use the font as you would any other from the font menu and type away – the connected cursive letters instantly connect as they are typed!

* Schoolhouse Fonts in both Zaner-Bloser® style and D’Nealian® style now include an additional 4 fonts in each set, totaling 22 fonts per set in print and cursive types. Each set includes nine variations of the print and cursive fonts: regular, bold, with arrows, with guidelines, with both arrows and guidelines, dotted (traceable), dotted with guidelines, dotted with arrows, and dotted with arrows and guidelines. The connected cursive fonts are provided with and without guidelines in both solid and dotted versions. The connected fonts reproduce the natural variations in letter shapes and connections that occur in real cursive handwriting.

* Revamped outlines now match current official Zaner-Bloser® and D’Nealian® workbooks.

* Automatic end-of-word tails in connected fonts are now included to closely match those found in Zaner-Bloser® and D’Nealian® workbooks.

“These improvements include the use of new, patented technology to provide some real breakthroughs,” said David Fenwick, vLetter CEO. “Our Schoolhouse Fonts OpenType are now even easier to use, and the new connected cursive fonts give teachers more tools.”

How does it work?

Simply select the printed and cursive fonts from the Font menu and start typing! You can type a series of letters or words to create a custom worksheet, and even have blank lines for students to practice handwriting on. You can also make the fonts any size and color.

System Requirements

Schoolhouse Fonts OpenType font sets are compatible with Mac OS X® 10.5 and above and Windows 7® and Windows Vista® operating systems.

Ordering Information

These new font sets are available to purchase online for $59.95 each at The fonts may be downloaded immediately. Purchase orders are accepted and site licenses are available. Upgrades from previous versions of Schoolhouse Fonts are also available.

Parents and teachers should choose the font style that matches the style taught at the child’s school.

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