Schoolhouse Fonts Demos - Try Before You Buy!
TrueType® format

Download and Installation Instructions

Please print this page for reference during the download and installation processes. Once you have downloaded the Set A or Set B demo, follow the instructions below to install the demo. Be sure to read all the information on this page before using the Demo Fonts. Please note that these demo version fonts have the lowercase “a” replaced with the word “demo.”

Each Demo set consists of 3 sample fonts selected from the 22 fonts available in each full D or Z collection. There is (1) a print font with arrows, (2) a cursive font with guidelines, and (3) a dotted connected cursive font. These 3 Demo fonts give a flavor of what to expect from the full set of 22 fonts.

There are two collections to choose from. The download file is a .zip file that can be unzipped natively in Windows or Mac OS X (or by using a utility such as WinZip or StuffIt Expander).

SET A is designed after the Zaner-Bloser® style of handwriting. Set A demo font names begin with “DMOA” in the Font Menu.  
SET B is designed after the D’Nealian® style of handwriting. Set B demo font names begin with “DMOB” in the Font Menu.  



Windows XP with Office 2002–2010.

Windows Vista–7 with Office 2002–2007.

NOTE: Got Windows Vista–7 with Office 2010? Try the SmartFonts demo instead.


Choose “Save” when asked if you want to open the file or save it to your computer. Save it to the desktop without changing the file name.

TO INSTALL in Windows:

The downloaded file is a self-extracting package, containing all the files needed for installation. If you can’t find the file on your desktop, look for either “DemoSchoolhouseAv5.exe” or “DemoSchoolhouseBv5.exe.”

1. Close all open programs.

2. Find the “DemoSchoolhouseAv5.exe” or “DemoSchoolhouseBv5.exe” file. This file installs everything.

Windows XP: Double-click the install file to run it.

Windows Vista–7: Right-click the install file and choose “Run as administrator.”

3. Choose “Accept” to accept the License agreement.

4. Click “Install” and follow the prompts to completion.

5. Restart your computer.

DELL users: If you experience problems trying to install, then try booting the computer into Safe Mode to install the file.


A program group called “Schoolhouse Fonts” will be placed in the Start menu (Start > Programs > Schoolhouse Fonts).

* Read the “Schoolhouse Fonts Demo ReadMe.pdf” (Start > Programs > Schoolhouse Fonts) for instructions and general information about using Schoolhouse Fonts. There is also information about connecting the letters in the connected-cursive fonts, and accessing special characters such as lined spaces and accented characters.

* Choose Printed and non-connected Cursive fonts right from the Font menu. All fonts that don’t have the word “Connect” in their names (18 of the 20 fonts in this collection) may be used by simply choosing them in the Font menu and typing the desired text.

* Use the vLetterWriter Demo utility to connect letters in connected-cursive fonts. The two connected-cursive fonts in this set, fonts with the word “Connect” in their name (e.g. “DMOBConnect…”), require the use of the vLetterWriter Demo utility to connect the letters. Instructions for use are in the “Schoolhouse Fonts Demo ReadMe.pdf.” The demo version of the vLetterWriter works for only 30 days.

* If you like the Schoolhouse Demo and want to purchase the full-release version, you can order it online at, or call 1-541-387-2800.

* If you have problems with the download or installation, you can request help via email.