Schoolhouse SmartFonts Demos - Try Before You Buy!
OpenType® format

Download and Installation Instructions

Please print this page for reference during the download and installation processes. Once you have downloaded the Set Z or Set D demo, follow the instructions below to install the demo fonts. Be sure to read all the information on this page before using the Demo Fonts. Please note that these demo version fonts have the lowercase “a” replaced with the word “demo.”

Each Demo set consists of 3 sample fonts selected from the 22 fonts available in each full D or Z collection. There is (1) a print font with arrows, (2) a cursive font with guidelines, and (3) a dotted connected cursive font. These 3 Demo fonts give a flavor of what to expect from the full set of 22 fonts.

There are two collections to choose from. The download file is a .zip file that can be unzipped natively in Windows or Mac OS X (or by using a utility such as WinZip or StuffIt Expander).

Set Z is designed after the Zaner-Bloser® style of handwriting. Demo font names begin with “DmoZ” in the Font Menu.  
Set D is designed after the D’Nealian® style of handwriting. Demo font names begin with “DmoD” in the Font Menu.  



Mac: OS X 10.5 or newer with Microsoft Word for Mac 2008 or newer, Pages, TextEdit, Adobe applications, plus other applications supporting OpenType advanced features.

Windows: Vista, 7, 8 or newer with Word 2010, 2013 or newer, Adobe applications, plus other applications supporting OpenType advanced features.

NOTE: Still on Windows XP or an older version of MS Word? Try the TrueType demo instead.


Choose “Save” when asked if you want to open the file or save it to your computer. Save it to the Desktop without changing the file name (either “” or “”).

NOTE: To install fonts at work or school, you may need Administrator privileges.


1. Close TextEdit, Pages, Word for Mac, and/or Adobe programs.

2. Double-click the .zip file; this extracts all files to a folder. Open this folder, then install using Font Book (steps below).

Install using Font Book (may require Administrator privileges)

Install single font file: Double-click each font file to open it in Font Book, then click the “Install Font” button.

Install multiple font files: Click on Applications (at left in the folder window), then open Font Book (double-click it). Go to the File menu, select Add Fonts, then choose the “Fonts to Install” folder (from the downloaded folder), and click “Open” to install all the fonts in that folder.

TO INSTALL in Windows:

1. Close Word, Publisher and/or Adobe programs first.

2. Right-click the .zip file, then choose “Extract all…” from the menu.

3. In the dialog box that appears, click the Extract button. This extracts all the files to a single folder.

4. In the folder, select all font files, then right-click and choose “Install.” This installs all the font files at once.


* Read the included “Help for Demo…” file for instructions and general information about using Schoolhouse Fonts. There is also information about enabling the OpenType features for connected and lined fonts.

* Choose the fonts right from the Font menu and start typing!

* If you like the Schoolhouse Demo and want to purchase the full version, you can order it online at

* If you have problems with the download or installation, you can request help via email.